Why Is Pornography Wrong?

Pornography violates the basic principles of human sexuality. God’s design is for sex to be a pure and wholesome act—an intimate act between man and wife in which the two express their love for and commitment to each other.

Because the sexual act is meant to be intimate, it is meant to be private—something shared between the spouses and not displayed to third parties. The shock that a married couple would experience if someone walked in on them during lovemaking is a sign of the privacy that is meant to surround such an intimate act.

Pornography breaks these basic principles. It takes what is meant to be private and displays it to others. It often involves sex acts between people who are not husband and wife. And it does not direct the users’ affections toward their spouses but to someone else entirely—a fantasy lover.

Looked at objectively, pornography violates the fundamental design for human sexuality. But not only objective considerations show it to be wrong. The hearts of those who use it reveal the same.