The Catholic Church forbids priests to marry. According to 1 Timothy 4:3, this is a “demonic doctrine,” and therefore the Church is apostate.

Let’s get this straight. The passage talks about false teachers who “forbid marriage.” Does the Catholic Church do that? Not at all. If you would like to marry in the Catholic Church, you may do so by receiving the sacrament of holy matrimony (notice that it is regarded as holy and as a sacrament). Far from declaring marriages to be evil or forbidding them, the Church blesses them by giving a man and woman the opportunity to confer this holy sacrament on each other. What you are referring to is that, in the Latin rite of the Church, the clergy are not allowed to marry.

Apart from exceptional cases, married men are not allowed to be ordained. But no man is obliged to become a member of the clergy. Doing so is voluntary. True, a priest may not marry, but he agreed to that restriction before his ordinations (first to the diaconate and then to the presbyterate).

What 1 Timothy 4:3 is talking about are those sects that claim that marriage is evil, such as the Albigensians of the Middle Ages or the Shakers of more recent times.