My brother was married outside the Church Later he had the marriage blessed by a priest. He has since divorced and now he has stopped going to Mass. He tells me that there is no point in going to Mass if he can’t go to Communion. What should I say?

The Sunday obligation for Catholics is a requirement to go to Mass, not to go to Communion (Canon 1247). Naturally, every Catholic wants to go Communion at Mass, but the only obligation that applies is to attend Mass. Indeed, Catholics might have any number of reasons for not going to Communion: Perhaps they have not observed the one-hour fast or they feel they are in the state of grave sin and they need to go to confession first. But those factors do not affect the fact that all Catholics are obliged to attend Mass on Sunday in accord, of course, with the usual rules governing such obligations.

Moreover, the mere fact that your brother is divorced, even following his having the marriage “blessed” (technically, convalidated) in the Church, does not necessarily prevent him from going to Communion.