How do I deal with a son who just came out of the closet?

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My son told me last night that he's gay, and I'm kind of shocked and looking for third party opinions on how I should handle this.


Since your Profile indicates that you do not believe in God, it may be difficult for you to find support for whatever reticence you may naturally feel about your son's announcement. In the society we live in, secular groups weighing in on this issue are likely to encourage you to accept your son's orientation as a perfectly valid "alternative lifestyle." But if you do feel any natural opposition to your son's homosexuality, I urge you not to toss it aside without first studying the reasons for it. As the British writer G. K. Chesterton pointed out, "Don’t ever take a fence down until you know the reason why it was put up." This may entail re-examining your own rejection of God since God is the author of morality, but it may help your son to re-examine his own life if he sees you re-examining yours.