At our wedding rehearsal, the priest told me that during Communion he would give me the chalice with the precious blood. After I received, I was to give the chalice to my wife and say “The blood of Christ, my wife.” Did I do something wrong?

Your priest was wrong on two counts. First, while a priest can depute an individual person to administer Holy Communion on a particular occasion, there must be a necessity that requires this, such as having more communicants than the priest himself can minister to. He thus should not have asked you to give the chalice to your wife alone. Secondly, the formula with which Communion is distributed does not include “my wife.” According to paragraphs 41 and 43 of the Norms for the Distribution and Reception of Holy Communion (available from, a minister of Communion says “The body of Christ” or “The blood of Christ” and does not add anything else.

Because you were acting on your priest’s instructions and, at the time, had no reason to believe that he was incorrect, you are not culpable for wrongdoing by giving your wife Communion. The one who bears responsibility is the priest, who should have been aware of the norms of the distribution of Communion.