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How to Stay Pure

Purity In Daily Life

  1. How can I promote the message of chastity at my school?
  2. My friends say I should lose my virginity before college, and get it over with. What should I tell them?
  3. How do I stay strong when I go off to college in the fall?
  4. Sometimes I wonder if I'm sinning because women seem so much more attractive to me than God. Is that bad?
  5. Isn't it hard to say "no" all the time?
  6. How do you control sex drives? They can be a real pain sometimes—for girls as well as guys!
  7. How should I respond when people in my high school say, "Everyone is doing it?"
  8. Isn't being chaste the same thing as being a prude?
  9. I know we shouldn't lust, but don't you think a girl's feelings would be hurt if you deliberately looked the other way?
  10. Why does God give us such powerful hormones now, if we aren't supposed to get married for ten more years?
  11. Do chaste people just have lower sex drives?
  12. What if I save sex for marriage, and my wife doesn't? Shouldn't I just be sexually active so that we'll be on the same page?

Purity In Relationships

  1. What can my girlfriend and I do on dates so that we don’t end up going too far?
  2. How do you stay pure with all the pressures? And how do you tell your girlfriend that you want to be pure?
  3. My girlfriend and I want to be pure, but we often mess up and go too far. It keeps happening. Any suggestions?
  4. Sometimes when I'm with a girl, I know we should cool off, but it seems impossible. Any tips?
  5. If you're on a date and things are going too far, how do you stop suddenly and tell him "no"?
  6. Sometimes my boyfriend pressures me to do stuff that makes me uncomfortable. I don't want to lose him, so what should I do?
  7. How do you know if a guy loves you or wants to use you?
  8. My boyfriend and I are trying to be pure, and we even pray together. Is it wrong for us to discuss our temptations?
  9. When I try to slow things down with my boyfriend, he makes me feel guilty. How do I get him to respect me?
  10. My girlfriend sometimes gets upset because I look at other girls. What should I do?