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Can a girl get pregnant the first time? What if you don't go all the way with her?

Yes and yes. It is a myth that you can not get pregnant the first time, and many babies are living proof that the theory is wrong.

What most people do not know is that you can even get pregnant while remaining a virgin. Many teens engage in foreplay as a supposedly safe alternative to sex, but I know of a girl who is pregnant as I write this, and her doctors have confirmed that she is physiologically still a virgin. If any of the male's semen is released in the vicinity of the woman's genital area, she can become pregnant even if intercourse never took place.

If I am with a young woman and I am afraid that she might become pregnant, why am I afraid? If love by its very nature is life-giving, why would I live in fear? The reason is because my actions do not conform to love, and I know it. Love would never put a woman in the situation of having to deal with pregnancy outside of marriage. Believe me, if guys could get pregnant, things would be a lot different.