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How do you suddenly start dressing modestly? I'm kind of scared as to what people will think of me.

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Modesty and Romance

Why Modesty?


Do not be afraid to be pure. Believe me, if you knew what was going on inside the minds of many high school guys, you'd be afraid not to be modest. So, find a friend who also wants to dress modestly, and go on a shopping spree together. If you're going to a dance, check out the dresses at .

I think you'll find that with modesty comes a serene peace that feels a lot better than the passing glances of boys. Just try it. Let your desire for real love motivate you to choose modesty. Besides, the kind of guy you long to find would not be the kind of guy looking for girls in spaghetti strap shirts and low-riser jeans. You'd rather find a guy who thinks you look great in sweatpants. Now, dressing modestly does not mean you dress in a way that's dumpy or unattractive. It just means that you'd rather draw his attention to what matters most: your dignity. Therefore, wear something a little more revealing: dress modestly.