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When should you tell a girl, "I love you?"

There is no easy answer to this. Every relationship is different. For example, some people grow up in families where the words "I love you" are never heard. Other families say it constantly. Some girls think you should wait until you're practically married to talk like that. So, when a girl hears those words it can freak her out and send her running. It might make her all warm and fuzzy, or she may just be frozen and not know what to say in reply. Other girls might have been in previous relationships where those words were used to manipulate them.

So, you need to consider a few things, based upon how well you know her, and how your relationship is going. For starters, consider how she would react if you said those three words. Do you think she's heard that before from any guy? Do you think she's waiting for you to say it? What's your relationship to her? Are you official? If not, do you think she's enjoying the simplicity of the friendship now, or do you feel she's itching for it to become a formal relationship? Either way, take the initiative to talk to her about the relationship if you think she is confused about its clarity. It is a real courtesy to a girl not to leave her wondering about the status of a relationship.

But, those questions may be difficult to answer because girls can be hard to figure out.

When in doubt, I would say to wait. You can always show that you love her, because our actions mean more than our words, anyway. This is a good policy, because if the feelings are mutual, then your thoughtfulness and actions can express your love. She'll feel your love, but she won't be overly worried about not hearing those words. However, if you have a good friendship going, and saying I love you could freak her out, then you're better off not saying it. Keep it simple. If you're meant to be, then you'll have millions of times to tell her "I love you." Just remember that love is patient.