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How do you know if a girl wants a relationship with you?

Some of the most obvious clues are that she's returning your calls, wanting to talk with you, hang out with you, and is playfully affectionate (hitting you, etc). If a girl likes you, she might be fidgety around you and play with hair more than she realizes. It's not always that easy though, since girls are mysterious. Sometimes a girl will talk a lot with a guy, and grow to be good friends with him. This is great, but meanwhile the guy may begin having feelings for her without realizing that she's not on the same page. She might like having him as basically a male girlfriend.

To help avoid this, you want to make sure that she is not currently in a relationship. If a person is flirty towards you while she is committed to someone else, avoid her like the plague. Those who are unfaithful with you will be unfaithful to you. When you date a girl like this, you never know how she is acting towards other guys when you're not around. Also, make sure that she hasn't recently ended a relationship. If she has, take it slow and don't jump into a new relationship with her. It's also good to know why her last relationship broke off. When people get bored in relationships and take this as a reason to leave, they often hop from relationship to relationship and the only thing they are committed to is the feeling of being in love. When the feelings go away, so do they. You don't want this.

To avoid that, start things off with a long, graced friendship. If you want love to last, this is the best foundation you can give it. After time, it should be clear if both of you desire the clear commitment of a relationship. There's no need to rush into it. Enjoy that season of pure friendship.

Use this time to also decide if you're even ready to be in a relationship that could lead to marriage. Perhaps you could take the Love Test to see how the two of you do, simply rating how healthy your friendship is.